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Our mission at National Pike Chiropractic is to provide extraordinary, individualized and integrated care to help our patients combat pain with conservative, non-surgical methods and achieve optimal health and wellness!

Whether you’re seeking to get out of pain or enjoy greater function, hometown chiropractor Dr. Matt Stay is here to help you. All types of patients are welcome at our office, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, and people of all ages, from children to seniors - especially those who may not have gotten the results they wanted from other approaches. 

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Feel Great at National Pike Chiropractic

Our patients benefit from chiropractic care and rehabilitation in our spacious, state-of-the-art facility, totaling over 5500 square feet. We pride ourselves on having numerous options for your healing as well as brand new digital X-ray facilities on-site to take any necessary images.

Chiropractic care doesn’t involve putting anything in the body or taking anything out. Instead, we look for imbalances and interference with your optimal function, then remove it so the body can perform the way it should. It’s a completely natural solution that gets to the root of your problem, making it highly effective even for those who haven’t seen results with other avenues.

Getting You the Results You Want

We understand that when you’re in pain, you need quick relief. New patients can usually be accommodated on the same day. Once your discomfort is under control, we’ll discuss how you can take advantage of your full potential for health.

Our integrative approach ensures that you get exactly what your body needs. We encourage our patients to play an active role in their care. This promotes better understanding and self-management of their problem and allows the patient to regain control of their body! Your patient care is based entirely on you as an individual, tailored to your level of health and your goals. Dr. Matthew Stay has mastered several different techniques, learned during his years at Palmer College of Chiropractic and through his continuing education, and is excited to help get moving again! 

Contact us today to schedule your appointment! We offer late hours, are conveniently located with accessible parking, and we accept most insurances.

Beth-Center Alum Dr. Stay is proud to have trained with Dr. Lee Goozdich and is excited to continue the tradition of excellence he has established for National Pike Chiropractic! We will continue to serve our community by providing quality, natural healthcare and helping our patients achieve all of their health goals!

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Our Patients Say...

  • "Wonderful staff! Dr. Matt Stay is amazing! Very educated in chiropractic and has helped me improve after my car wreck! Absolutely 5 stars and 100% recommended!"
    - Maria
  • "I was apprehensive in starting chiropractic therapy. I have found the employees at National Pike Chiropractic very helpful, courteous, and understanding. The doctors have always listened to my concerns. I cannot emphasize the word “listen” enough."
    - Michelle
  • "Dr. Matt is caring and extremely knowledgeable. He takes the time to truly listen and then treat accordingly. The entire staff is friendly and helpful as well. I am very pleased with the ongoing treatment I am receiving. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking to keep or improve their overall health."
    - Brenda
  • "I consulted the doctors at National Pike Chiropractic for treatment of a pinched nerve and degenerative arthritis. Thanks to the excellent treatment from Dr. Lee Goozdich, the shoulder, arm, and back pain that kept me from functioning properly at home and at work are a thing of the past. "
    - Amy

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