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Reviews for National Pike Chiropractic

Here’s what our patients are saying…

A New Lease On Life

I want to thank Dr. Lee Goozdich for all the help he has given me. Before going to see Dr. Lee, I used to golf when I could, but with a lot of pain, and other duties slowed me down. After taking treatments with Dr. Lee, I have a new lease on life and my golf game is back.

Dr. Lee is tops in my book. Thanks again!Bill

Dr. Goozdich Helped Tremendously

I have a bulging disk in my lower back that has caused me various back problems. I have come to rely on Dr. Goozdich for effective and gentle treatment. I was somewhat skeptical and concerned that chiropractic care might be painful or intrusive. The care I have received from Dr. Goozdich has helped me tremendously without any pain or discomfort. Now with twice a month maintenance visits my problem is under control.

The entire staff at National Pike Chiropractic is courteous, kind, and always available in an emergency. I certainly plan to continue as a patient.Kathy

I Always Feel Better

I have been a patient of Dr. Lee’s for seven years. I go for back pain and a pinched nerve. After a few adjustments, my pinched nerve was better. I know I can go anytime I need to and will be treated.

I always feel better when I leave. Everyone who works there is great.Mary

A Top Practitioner and Helpful Staff

I am thankful that God created an opportunity for me to take advantage of the knowledge, skill, and compassion of Dr. Lee Goozdich. After decades of suffering daily, debilitating migraines, I began a journey of hope, health, and healing at National Pike Chiropractic. The treatments were extremely effective as well as pain free. I am very happy to report that I have not had a migraine in more than a year. Indeed, it is a very rare occasion when I do experience one.

My quality of life has greatly improved through chiropractic treatment. Dr. Goozdich was even able to help me recuperate from a very difficult and less than successful hip replacement. Currently, he is treating me for scoliosis through methods developed by The Clear Institute. I cannot believe that my very aged and diseased spine could move at all, yet Dr. Goozdich’s procedures have been very successful. The curvature has decreased substantially. I move more freely and with less pain. I honestly believe that without these scoliosis treatments I might not be walking today.

Dr. Goozdich’s commitment to assisting patients is overwhelming. He has dedicated his life and resources to healing patients through his profession. His knowledge of the science of the human body, dedication to learn more, commitment to purchasing the latest and best equipment, and sincere desire to be involved in the healing process of his patients has made him one of the top practitioners in his field.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful staff at National Pike Chiropractic. They are extremely helpful with scheduling, clinical procedures, promotions, and insurance information.

A visit to Dr. Goozdich’s office is always an effective as well as pleasant one. Thank you, Dr. Goozdich and staff!Enid

Healing On All Levels

I had pain in my lower back and loss of pain free movement. I couldn’t sleep or sit without pain. My family doctor diagnosed me with a curved spine. Repeated physical therapy visits weren’t helping. I had even visited another chiropractor with no real relief. The heating pad became my best friend. I became afraid I would never find relief.

My husband urged me to make an appointment with Dr. Lee Goozdich. I wish I would have made an appointment with Dr. Goozdich first. He is truly committed to his patients’ well-being. He listened to my concerns and offered guidance and explanations as to what my goal to becoming pain free would be with gentle kindness. He knows that healing takes place on all levels- physical, emotional and mental.

After a few appointments I have gotten back to living my life normally again. I can sleep without the worry of waking up with pain. I was recently able to travel by car to Virginia Beach, something that I thought would be impossible. I am so grateful to Dr. Goozdich and his wonderful staff.

If you have been living with pain like I was, I urge you to make an appointment with Dr. Lee Goozdich.Brenda

Personable and Caring

I am so glad that I have been a patient of Dr. Lee Goozdich for the past 1 1/2 years. A god friend of mine gave me a referral to Dr. Lee’s office in January 2007 and I have been going to his office for treatments since then – at first, 3 times a week – then 2 times a week, gradually decreasing the frequency as I have improved, to once every 2 weeks at the present time.

I have scoliosis, the medical term for curvature of the spine, and have had many chiropractic treatments over the years for this condition. It showed up in my spine at about age thirteen and my parents started chiropractic treatments right away. There were no braces at that time in the early 1950’s and we were advised never to have surgery – it was too risky. Over the years, my condition has worsened even with chiropractic treatments.

Dr. Lee is the first and only doctor I have found who has a specific treatment program for scoliosis. This treatment program, if started early enough in young patients, can actually reverse scoliosis and straighten the spine. At my age, the most I could hope for was relief from some of the pain I suffered. Imagine the joy I felt when, after 3-6 months of treatment with Dr. Lee, the curve in my upper back was reduced eleven degrees and in my lower back, 8 degrees. Dr. Lee rejoiced right along with me the day he told me the news. And the pain in my back, hips, and legs has been greatly reduced. I am now on a maintenance program to help maintain the progress and to prevent further deterioration.

Dr. Lee is a very personable and caring doctor, deeply concerned about the care and welfare of his patients. He is gentle and thorough in his treatment program. His staff are very friendly, accommodating, and capable.

It has been my joy and the most beneficial chiropractic experience of my life to have been led, by my friend, to Dr. Lee and his staff at National Pike Chiropractic.Sandy

Tremendous Relief

I was suffering from severe neck and back pain that radiated into my left arm. This was complicated by a whiplash injury and scoliosis. I tried medical treatment including physical therapy and traction. This actually made my pain worse. I saw Dr. Goozdich and found that the cause of my condition was a misalignment in my neck. In a very short time I had tremendous relief from the chiropractic treatment.

I know that I would have been unable to perform my job during this last year if it were not for Dr. Goozdich. He is very professional and skilled in giving care; he genuinely cares about each patient.Judy

Pain A Thing Of The Past

I consulted the doctors at National Pike Chiropractic for treatment of a pinched nerve and degenerative arthritis. Thanks to the excellent treatment from Dr. Lee Goozdich, the shoulder, arm, and back pain that kept me from functioning properly at home and at work are a thing of the past.

I highly recommend the skilled, compassionate doctors at National Pike Chiropractic.Amy

Highly Recommended

I was apprehensive in starting chiropractic therapy.

I have found the employees at National Pike Chiropractic very helpful, courteous, and understanding. The doctors have always listened to my concerns. I cannot emphasize the word “listen” enough.

I have had lower back pain off and on for several years. I’ve been in physical therapy several times. PT has always been an eight to twelve-week process, three times a week, for about 1 1/2 hours a day. When my last extreme back pain occurred, I decided to try a different approach – contacting National Pike Chiropractic. The staff and doctors explained everything thoroughly, even the x-rays. The treatments I received from the National Pike Chiropractic group vastly improved my daily activities.

For me, I noticed a big difference in the way chiropractic therapy can improve lower back pain. After a few treatments from the National Pike Chiropractic group the back pain was relieved.

I trust the National Pike Chiropractic group in performing the right procedure for me. They are thorough. They listen. They address your concerns or any anxieties you may have about any procedure.

The staff is very supportive. I highly recommend and trust the National Pike Chiropractic group.Michelle

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